about jinger heath

Jinger Heath is a beauty industry expert and product innovator, sales force motivator, philanthropist, author and speaker.

As co-founder and former Chairman of BeautiControl Cosmetics, an international direct sales beauty and skin care company, Jinger Heath led the development and marketing of over 600 products, and is a patent holder for the Regeneration@ alpha hydroxy acid complex. Business Week, Forbes, OTC Review, The Dallas Business Journal, and others cited the company as one of the best-run, fastest growing small or publicly held companies. In 2000, BeautiControl merged with Tupperware Brands, and Mrs. Heath remained as Chairman until her retirement in 2002.

Jinger Heath is a personal branding pioneer credited with industry innovations that empower women to present themselves confidently and beautifully, expanding their influence and creating flexible career paths. She introduced color coded cosmetics to enhance cool or warm skin tones, developed tools to analyze skin condition, learn body types and discover and enhance clients’ best features.

Jinger Heath has been recognized as a Top 50 Business Owner by Working Woman magazine and is one of Mirabella magazine’s Top 1000 Most influential Women.  She has been named “The Texas Woman of the Year”, and was inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame.

A gifted public speaker, Jinger Heath’s highly entertaining fashion forecasts – translating runway fashion trends for real women – are the highlight of many industry events. Her books Positively You and the Positively You Discovery Journal were published by St. Martin’s Press.

Mrs. Heath founded the nonprofit organization Women Helping Others (W.H.O.) in 1993. The foundation has granted more than $5.1 million to grassroots organizations serving women and children across the U.S.

Jinger is the proud mother of four grown children, has six grandchildren, and is an advocate for adopting animals from shelters, especially standard poodles like her beloved Fred.

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