Fragrance Can STINK

In my almost 30 years with BeautiControl Cosmetics. I was honored to win a fragrance award.  The award is called a  FiFi. Two Fragrance houses (the manufactures of fragrance and special natural oils) called me THE NOSE!  One fragrance house invited me to France to study and learn fragrance creation. For example, picking lilac, heather, lily of the valley, other flowers and plants.

I’m telling you the above so you will know my background.
OK, FRAGRANCES can STINK!  If you did a survey, you would be AMAZED at the number of people that literally get sick from smelling strong FRAGRANCE.
A couple we know both wear strong fragrances.  After I give our male friend a hug, my clothes are covered in his fragrance.  All evening, during dinner I smell the same strong fragrance. When I get home my clothes still smell and I have to send them to the dry cleaners. My doctor has a sign in his office about not wearing fragrance because it makes him ill and will not treat the patient if they SMELL.
If you like strong fragrance don’t forget these tips:
  • Don’t spray it on yourself directly
  • Spray it on a tissue or Q-tip
  • GENTLY wipe onto your skin
  • Avoid spraying your Hair
  • Apply BEFORE you put on your clothes
  • Don’t spray your clothes

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