Three Ways for the Travel Scarf

As you plan your last summer vacation don’t forget the versatile scarf!  You can wear this size scarf as a halter sun dress, sarong, or scarf wrap with a jacket.  I recommend gauze fabric so it’s soft and flowing.  Note the scarf has both large and small prints which makes the piece more versatile and figure flattering. The best size is approximately 69 inches by 39 inches.

**CAUTION!** If you are petite and busty NEVER have the scarf stop right at your boobs. Longer is better. Busty and petite women need long scarves that pass the bust line or it can add bulk.

1. Halter Sun Dress

  • Put it under your arms pulling the ends to the front
  • Twist the ends and tie around your neck
  • Tie in the back

*TIP: The gauze fabric drapes across the body which is flattering for most figures.


2. Sarong

  • The edge of the scarf should be at the back of your waist (higher than the front)
  • The front should dip like a V so you look slender
  • Twist the ends in and tie it low in the front

*TIP: The scarf should cover your legs and top. This can be worn with a tank top or a swim suit!


3. Scarf Wrap with a Jacket

  • Take the scarf in the middle and put it in front of your neck
  • Wrap it around the back and pull forward (it should cover your neck)
  • The part that comes over your bust should not be too full (work with the fabric to create clean lines by tucking in fabric)

*TIP: If you end up with one end shorter that’s ok, just tuck the shorter end into the part that is wrapped around your neck. The pictures include my favorite leather jackets, but any jacket will do.


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