Product Review: Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System and Skinlogics Cleanser

Clarisonic® Sonic Cleansing System
$99 Mia to $229 Plus

BeautiControl® Skinlogics® Essentials Foaming Cleanser
$20 5 fl. oz.

jh_clarisonicClarisonic’s power brush is pure GENIUS.

What I love about my Clarisonic is how it evens out my skin tone and texture. The key is to USE. IT. EVERY. DAY. It can keeps age spots from forming; it lightens what you already have; and it’s just so darn easy and fast.

I’ve got my morning and nighttime skin care regimen down to two minutes and two products: my Clarisonic power cleansing brush and BeautiControl’s fabulous Skinlogics cleansing foam.

I keep my Clarisonic brush right on my bathroom counter. This is what I do every day:
Dampen the brush, apply Skinlogics cleanser foam right on my face, then brush really fast across my face, neck and décolleté.

A little of a good thing goes a long way, so don’t go crazy with the pressure. The idea is, you dance this across your face, then rinse and go right to your favorite toner. (My favorite is Dior.) Add whatever moisturizer you’re into (with SUNSCREEN to protect that fresh skin), and you’re good to go.

Clarisonic has a couple different models that start at $99, and any one will do. Get Skinlogics Essentials Cleansing Foam from any BeautiControl consultant – check the website to find one close to you.

Now: come back to this post and tell me what you think of YOUR skin after you try this combo!



2 responses

  1. I SO LOVE my Clarisonic and everything you said is so right! It is a wonder took! I use it with the BeautiControl Spa Facial Cleansing Gel and then follow with Skinlogics Clear Tonic and Moisturizer. The Clarisonic has been the best thing ever at keeping my oily skin and breakouts to a minimum…thoroughly cleaning deep down but because of the other products not leaving my skin dry.

  2. Susan I believe what you’re describing is a skin care regimen? (:> Remember you’re blessed if you have oily skin – just balance your skin condition as I know you are, and enjoy that you’ll have way fewer lines from your naturally hydrated skin!

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