Halloween Memories

Years ago when my children were young I would buy lots of large pumpkins, gourds, and scarecrows for our front porch at Halloween.

Since all our children are adults now, I don’t decorate our front porch at all. So last year my daughter Brittany was shocked that there was nothing on our front porch. And Brittany said in a pleading way, “Mom, where are the pumpkins?” So I just told her, they were too expensive and didn’t have any children at home to appreciate them .. .

So she went out and brought back a tiny baby pumpkin and left it on our front steps. I opened the door later, and I’m laughing … all those Halloween memories came back, and really made me happy.

It’s those kinds of connections that allow me to have a vision of gratitude and bring back traditions and family memories.

What family tradition makes you happy?

One response

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Mine is a pickle in the Christmas Tree. My two children would just about destroy every on the tree to find it. Then it was a fight. So we then for all the years to follow we had a regular size pickle ornament then a tiny pickle ornament. The child that found the tiny one got more money. It was always much fun and laughs with my two kids. Linda Bates

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