Wardrobe Wednesdays: My Top 5 Tips for Boots this Fall

I literally wear boots from end of Sept. to May. They make everyone look taller.

1.  Buy quality.  Dig deep for a pair of great boots every year. Styles keep circling back around, so I hold on to mine to pull back out for years. My 2012 favorites are these low-heeled black and pewter boots by Chanel.

2. Platform trend: Platforms can be a little easier to walk in than spiky heels. That little extra lift from the front can look fabulous, but choose class over sex appeal.  Platforms with the front part higher than 2” take you into hooker territory.

Vera Wang Lavender wedge boots3. Wedge trend: These are a big deal right now. If you like the look, try them on – higher heels make legs look longer and sexier. Vera Wang’s Lavender line is what I picked up this year, in black suede.

4. If you don’t have skinny jeans: With boot leg styles, roll the bottom up, then fold the extra fabric over your leg.  Then, tuck it in your  boot.

5. Leggings Lessons: We’ve all been wearing those little ballet slippers with leggings. When you put on boots instead, it just makes the outfit richer, more fashionable – like you invested a little time into your appearance. Make sure they’re totally opaque – God forbid your skin show through! Throw on a top that covers your bum – and you’ve got a fabulous outfit built around those boots.

Show and tell: What boots are you coveting this year? Tell me what you love about this year’s styles.

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2 responses

  1. Oh wow, Jinger. Just love this info about boots for fall and winter – you are so missed by all of us at BeautiControl. You always kept us updated on what was in and what was out every season of every year. I have missed that and you for many reasons. Hope this holiday season is full of family joy. Love to you, Dick and the family.
    Evelyn Coleman

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