Fragrance Can STINK

In my almost 30 years with BeautiControl Cosmetics. I was honored to win a fragrance award.  The award is called a  FiFi. Two Fragrance houses (the manufactures of fragrance and special natural oils) called me THE NOSE!  One fragrance house invited me to France to study and learn fragrance creation. For example, picking lilac, heather, lily of the valley, other flowers and plants.

I’m telling you the above so you will know my background.
OK, FRAGRANCES can STINK!  If you did a survey, you would be AMAZED at the number of people that literally get sick from smelling strong FRAGRANCE.
A couple we know both wear strong fragrances.  After I give our male friend a hug, my clothes are covered in his fragrance.  All evening, during dinner I smell the same strong fragrance. When I get home my clothes still smell and I have to send them to the dry cleaners. My doctor has a sign in his office about not wearing fragrance because it makes him ill and will not treat the patient if they SMELL.
If you like strong fragrance don’t forget these tips:
  • Don’t spray it on yourself directly
  • Spray it on a tissue or Q-tip
  • GENTLY wipe onto your skin
  • Avoid spraying your Hair
  • Apply BEFORE you put on your clothes
  • Don’t spray your clothes

All Clear Travel Tips :: One Makeup Bag for a Trip around the World

All 24 items will fit in one small clear carry all bag you can purchase at any Walmart. I like the clear bag because I can keep it clean by using a small spray of Sprayway Glass Cleaner  and I can see all of my items. Most of these “must have” items can be purchased at any chain drugstore, Walmart or Target.


Stay Fresh








All of this fits in one small bag smaller than a size 8 shoe!


Three Ways for the Travel Scarf

As you plan your last summer vacation don’t forget the versatile scarf!  You can wear this size scarf as a halter sun dress, sarong, or scarf wrap with a jacket.  I recommend gauze fabric so it’s soft and flowing.  Note the scarf has both large and small prints which makes the piece more versatile and figure flattering. The best size is approximately 69 inches by 39 inches.

**CAUTION!** If you are petite and busty NEVER have the scarf stop right at your boobs. Longer is better. Busty and petite women need long scarves that pass the bust line or it can add bulk.

1. Halter Sun Dress

  • Put it under your arms pulling the ends to the front
  • Twist the ends and tie around your neck
  • Tie in the back

*TIP: The gauze fabric drapes across the body which is flattering for most figures.


2. Sarong

  • The edge of the scarf should be at the back of your waist (higher than the front)
  • The front should dip like a V so you look slender
  • Twist the ends in and tie it low in the front

*TIP: The scarf should cover your legs and top. This can be worn with a tank top or a swim suit!


3. Scarf Wrap with a Jacket

  • Take the scarf in the middle and put it in front of your neck
  • Wrap it around the back and pull forward (it should cover your neck)
  • The part that comes over your bust should not be too full (work with the fabric to create clean lines by tucking in fabric)

*TIP: If you end up with one end shorter that’s ok, just tuck the shorter end into the part that is wrapped around your neck. The pictures include my favorite leather jackets, but any jacket will do.


Product Review: Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System and Skinlogics Cleanser

Clarisonic® Sonic Cleansing System
$99 Mia to $229 Plus

BeautiControl® Skinlogics® Essentials Foaming Cleanser
$20 5 fl. oz.

jh_clarisonicClarisonic’s power brush is pure GENIUS.

What I love about my Clarisonic is how it evens out my skin tone and texture. The key is to USE. IT. EVERY. DAY. It can keeps age spots from forming; it lightens what you already have; and it’s just so darn easy and fast.

I’ve got my morning and nighttime skin care regimen down to two minutes and two products: my Clarisonic power cleansing brush and BeautiControl’s fabulous Skinlogics cleansing foam.

I keep my Clarisonic brush right on my bathroom counter. This is what I do every day:
Dampen the brush, apply Skinlogics cleanser foam right on my face, then brush really fast across my face, neck and décolleté.

A little of a good thing goes a long way, so don’t go crazy with the pressure. The idea is, you dance this across your face, then rinse and go right to your favorite toner. (My favorite is Dior.) Add whatever moisturizer you’re into (with SUNSCREEN to protect that fresh skin), and you’re good to go.

Clarisonic has a couple different models that start at $99, and any one will do. Get Skinlogics Essentials Cleansing Foam from any BeautiControl consultant – check the website to find one close to you.

Now: come back to this post and tell me what you think of YOUR skin after you try this combo!



Product Review: NaturaBissé Diamond Gel Cream

Jinger Heath product reviewThis NaturaBissé Diamond Gel Cream is expensive, but it’s an anti-aging night cream WORTH EVERY KARAT. The formula has actual diamonds in it, with Bio-Magnet Nanosomes, and the results are truly amazing.

I apply Diamond Gel Cream at night, all over my face, neck, and décolletage – and the back of my neck. In the morning, the sides of my neck – where there are those ridges, and it’s kind of crepey – all that is miraculously SMOOTH and firm. There is a huge difference in my fine lines and wrinkles, and texture. OVERNIGHT.

Find Natura Bissé Diamond at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom. Ask for a sample, but go ahead and get it. I promise you’ll love it.

Natura Bissé Diamond Anti-Aging Bio-Regenerative Gel Cream: $295

TIP  ::  Any time you’re applying anti aging cream and have a little left over, don’t waste it by rubbing it into the palm of your hands. Work it into the back of your hand or somewhere that can benefit from a little boost.

W.H.O. has helped women and children for over 20 years!

Thank you so much for contributing $5.1 million to charities that otherwise would not survive. 

The W.H.O. Foundation is a different kind of charity that continues to serve the unmet needs for women and children that don’t qualify for funding otherwise.

Just a few W.H.O. has supported:

  • Standing Together Against Rape (STAR) was awarded $15,000 for sweatsuits for sexually assaulted women. The victims’ clothing is left behind for DNA evidence. After the pain and humiliation of the crime, these women were released in a paper hospital gown without shoes into the freezing Alaskan cold.
  • Sanctuary Hospice House received $40,000 to add eight new beds.
  • Gateway Domestic Violence Center was granted $6,500 to feed the women and children they protect.

God bless you,

Jinger Heath
Founder of the W.H.O. Foundation
Co-Founder of BeautiControl, past Chairman of the Board
Author, Speaker, Beauty and Skin Care Expert

The Real Way to Put on Mascara

It’s amazing there are so many choices of mascara now! What is your favorite mascara? Let me know in the comments.  Starting at the base of the lash and brush back and forth horizontally. It helps if you pull your lid up a little. The key is really getting into the base of the lashes. Keep sweeping in horizontal strokes, moving upwards to the tips. Horizontal makes all the difference in the world. AMAZING RESULTS.  No matter what your coloring, go for BLACK mascara.

Halloween Memories

Years ago when my children were young I would buy lots of large pumpkins, gourds, and scarecrows for our front porch at Halloween.

Since all our children are adults now, I don’t decorate our front porch at all. So last year my daughter Brittany was shocked that there was nothing on our front porch. And Brittany said in a pleading way, “Mom, where are the pumpkins?” So I just told her, they were too expensive and didn’t have any children at home to appreciate them .. .

So she went out and brought back a tiny baby pumpkin and left it on our front steps. I opened the door later, and I’m laughing … all those Halloween memories came back, and really made me happy.

It’s those kinds of connections that allow me to have a vision of gratitude and bring back traditions and family memories.

What family tradition makes you happy?

Wardrobe Wednesdays: My Top 5 Tips for Boots this Fall

I literally wear boots from end of Sept. to May. They make everyone look taller.

1.  Buy quality.  Dig deep for a pair of great boots every year. Styles keep circling back around, so I hold on to mine to pull back out for years. My 2012 favorites are these low-heeled black and pewter boots by Chanel.

2. Platform trend: Platforms can be a little easier to walk in than spiky heels. That little extra lift from the front can look fabulous, but choose class over sex appeal.  Platforms with the front part higher than 2” take you into hooker territory.

Vera Wang Lavender wedge boots3. Wedge trend: These are a big deal right now. If you like the look, try them on – higher heels make legs look longer and sexier. Vera Wang’s Lavender line is what I picked up this year, in black suede.

4. If you don’t have skinny jeans: With boot leg styles, roll the bottom up, then fold the extra fabric over your leg.  Then, tuck it in your  boot.

5. Leggings Lessons: We’ve all been wearing those little ballet slippers with leggings. When you put on boots instead, it just makes the outfit richer, more fashionable – like you invested a little time into your appearance. Make sure they’re totally opaque – God forbid your skin show through! Throw on a top that covers your bum – and you’ve got a fabulous outfit built around those boots.

Show and tell: What boots are you coveting this year? Tell me what you love about this year’s styles.

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